Hatko Noise Barriers that allow you to reach a quality living standard,

decrease the sound level at maximum level in areas such as highways with high vehicle traffic, train and tram routes, double roads,increase the life quality of people living or working in those areas at a certain level.

Superior performance characteristics of Hatko sound barriers;

  • It provides high resistance to all weather conditions,
  • Environment-friendly material suitable for recycling,
  • Hatko noise barriers have the application possibility dependent on geographical climate and as resistant to wind load,
  • Insulation up to 40 dB,
  • 10 Years warranty,
  • Durable and long-lasting,
  • Easy setup and installation,
  • Offers the best solution in areas such as sound insulation applications, road safety and structural soundness.

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Sound Barrier types and installation areas should be choose according to the noise level and sound frequency. When a noise occurs from traffic or railway, it will spread around from its original point and leads to living areas. Noise or sound barriers are installed between noise source and living areas. When these noises reaches to the barrier, according to its specification and design, it absorbs some of the noise inside the barrier and reflects some of the noise back to other direction.

There are options to stop road noise in houses. Insulated windows and walls are one the sound insulation for noises but it will be inefficient in summer time. Best way of stopping road noise is to solve the noise problem on its source which leads us to use Noise or Sound Barriers.