YSS Bridge and Northern Ring Motorway ICA
Minimum Carbon
Northern Marmara Motorway KMO
Journey towards
Net Zero Emission

The CO2 emission of 1 sqm of Hatko Recycled Rubber Noise Barrier is only

2.7 kg CO² equivalent

Kalyon PV- Solar Panel Integrated Sound Barriers
2 Pollutions
1 Solution Strategy (2P1S) ;

Hatko Recycled Rubber Noise Barriers are the Perfect Solution for the two main problems; Discarded Tyres and Noise Pollution.

Cekmeköy Municipality
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HATKO Sound Barriers successfully enhance the health and well-being of the nearby residents..

Preventing the noise of the highways and railways, not only providing a better living experience for residents but also increases the value of the properties in the area.


Hatko Sound Barriers provide superior performance;

  • Offers the best solution for noise mitigation applications, providing road safety and noise reduction.
  • High noise mitigation performance and high design life
  • Least carbon footprint in the industry, perfect way of decarbonization
  • Endless contribution to circular economy
  • Climate and maintenance free
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Stylish look prioritizing aesthetics and acoustics
  • 10 years of warranty