Noise Barrier Features

Dimensions100 cm x 200 cm x (+-%5)
Thickness80 mm (+-%5)
Surface Properties10 cm x 10 cm Sound Isolation Rooms
Audio FeaturesTurf Options with Decorative Purposes, Customer Logo Application
StandardsEN 14388, EN 1793, EN 1794, EN 14389, EN 16272
Warranty10 Years


20’ Container5 Pallet 75 units = 12,500 kg
40’ containers10 pallets 150 units = 25,000 kg
13.60 TRUCK10 pallets 150 units = 25,000 kg

Measurements and Values

Hatko Sound Barrier Company makes the required measurements before the installation process. Installing a sound barrier is a complicated process. In order to have the best results and solutions, a precise calculation is compulsory. First, we have to define the situation and then we can find the best product type and its size. So, we make a measurement of noise level, simulate the situation in our advanced systems, and find the most appropriate product for you.


How much does noise barrier cost?
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