Highway Noise Barrier

Highway Noise Barrier

The noise barriers are known as barrier systems used in high noise areas such as highways, bridges, and railroads.

Thanks to the noise barriers the vehicle's noise does not spread into the city and protects people from the harmful effects of noise. EPDM Sound barrier systems are produced using rubber material and are very durable. As Hatko Sound Barriers, we can apply the noise barrier application to any area in any height and width to protect you from the harmful effects of noise.

Noise is pollution that negatively affects human life. Noise pollution occurs on highways, especially in developed cities. Especially the highway traffic noise affects people's health badly. Highway noise barriers should be present in their surroundings. For a healthier life and protection from noise damage, we must use these state-of-the-art products. Not only in such places, of course, but it can also be made in any area that causes discomfort as a result of the sounds they emit to the environment.

Hatko Highway Noise Barriers have been working on this most needed area for many years. The noise barrier is another name for the sound barrier. This product, which has the same function, is produced as soundproofing systems depending on the noise level.

  • It provides high resistance against all weather conditions.
  • Produced using environmentally friendly materials suitable for recycling.
  • It can apply depending on the geographical climate and resistance to wind load.
  • Insulation up to 20 decibels.
  • 10 Year warranty.
  • Made of durable and long-lasting materials.
  • Easy to install and install.
  • It offers the best solution for sound insulation applications, road safety, and construction stability.

Sound Wall Systems / Highway Sound-Proof Walls

With developing technology, it is now very easy to be protected from the harmful effects of noise. You are exposed to the sound of vehicles and horns every day, especially if you live in big cities. Besides, there is a lot of noise in the factory surroundings and construction areas and a sound barrier application is made to prevent this.

The easiest way to prevent noise pollution is to use sound barriers. Thanks to the sound barriers, highway noise is completely prevented and people living in the city can live a more peaceful life.

So you can get the noise barrier from Hatko as the best noise barrier manufacturer from Turkey.

Especially road and highway noise pollution affects people physically and mentally. So, the highway noise barrier or sound wall should be installed on the road. The most effective barrier for traffic noise is the Hatko Sound Barrier fence systems. We used quality rubber as a noise barrier material. Highway noise barrier cost can be changed according to the sizes of barrier fences and per miles.

Are Noise Barriers Compatible with Every Environment?

It is very pleasing for us to answer this question. Because Hatko Sound Barriers can be covered with artificial turf. In other words, we produce highly aesthetic products to avoid image pollution in our green products that are compatible with nature. In fact, our artificial grass-covered noise barrier model has been preferred more in recent years.

Because green represents peace and peace for people, its preferability increases. Because in the chaos of city life, people need peace and happiness. The green color is also good for people psychologically.

  • Therefore, the use of green is common in hospitals and mosques.

People do not have to suffer because economic conditions are better in cities. Because noise imposes both physical and psychological violence on human health. After a while, people living in the city cannot tolerate many things. Preventing this is in the hands of the state and individuals. People need to be protected from unplanned urbanization and noise.

What are the best Noise Barriers?

Noise is a factor that has a bad impact on many areas of our lives. Noise is actually both physical and psychological violence. Because, after a period of time, diseases are seen in individuals who are exposed to excessive noise, and these diseases are sometimes not solved. The main discomfort caused by noise is a heart attack and hearing difficulties. Besides, individuals exposed to excessive noise have an aggressive and irritable structure.

That's exactly why we need the best road noise barriers. We need noise barriers to get rid of the noise caused by vehicles.

As mentioned above, we use rubber material in the production of noise barriers. Because rubber is a product with many advantages.

  • Rubber is a very strong sound insulation material.
  • Rubber is resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • It is resistant to UV rays and does not fade in time.
  • Stainless and wear-resistant.
  • Can be used outdoors for many years.

You will enjoy peaceful city life with its superior absorptive noise barriers.

Rubber noise barriers reflect sound waves and send them in different directions. This means that the noise breaks down and dies. In other words, thanks to the noise barriers, the noise source disappears before it reaches you. So, In this way, the noise is reduced to a great extent and people are not disturbed.

Noise Barrier Uses Areas


  • Highways
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Apartment surroundings

High-Quality Noise Barrier

We are rapidly progressing to be the company that gives you the best service in sound insulation. Hatko sound barriers are among Turkey's leading firms in the industry. Every city should meet with the roadside sound barrier produced especially for road traffic and construction sites.

Sound barrier application can be applied not only in big cities but also in all areas where noise is experienced. The easiest way to reach a quality living standard is the Hako Sound Barriers application.

What is the Cost of Noise Barriers

It is so hard to give the exact noise barrier wall costs because of the many variables of construction. As Hatko Company, we will proudly assist you with the types and prices of noise barriers when you contact us from our website or phone numbers.

We offer the SB1 type noise barrier with a 10-year warranty. The size of our product which is made of rubber is 100x200 cm. with 80 mm of thickness. We can produce our products with turf options for decorative purposes or customer logo applications.

Here are some of the parameters that directly affect the noise barrier wall cost:

  • The area of application (road, highway, or railroad)
  • Traffic density of application area
  • The size of the area
  • The layout of the area
  • Additional costs (turf, company logo or mosaic design, etc.)

You can have better noise barrier construction cost information by directly contacting us. Just give us your need and leave the calculation to us.

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