Highway Soundproof Walls

Noise walls are barrier systems that are used at the edges of motorways and are used to prevent bad reflection of noise to the environment. The logic of highway soundproof walls is very simple. Noise walls are auxiliary systems used to solve the noise problem esspecially in big cities, which can be made in different designs with a certain height installed on the sides of the highway. There are many types of noise barriers.

Noise barriers can be very large. Depending on the area to be used, its height can be up to 2 meters. Accordingly, the cost of sound barrier walls varies.

  • Highway length
  • Materials to be used in manufacturing
  • Quality of materials

It is among the factors that change the cost of sound barriers. Another point to know is that noise barriers can be made in different designs. Another point that affects the cost of sound barriers is the design of these barriers. If sound barriers are designed and decorated with artificial grass, the cost will increase.

At this point, individuals and institutions who want to have soundproof walls can ask this information to our customer representatives to learn the detailed cost prices.

Whatever the cost of soundproof walls, their advantages are enormous. Therefore, if you want to live peacefully and happily in the city, you must get rid of the traffic noise. The most effective solution for this is noise barriers.

As Hatko Sound Barrier, we produce a classic model noise barrier with the model name of SB1. The core material is rubber, and we don't use any other material. Only, there is a different process to increase durability in order to provide insulation. The dimensions are mainly standard with 1X2 m with 80mm thickness. But, we can manufacture different dimensions on demand.

On the surface of our products, there are 10X10 cm noise cells. These cells collect the noise inside and don't let it spread outside. With the help of the rubber, the noise is sent back to where it is coming from.

You can have different colors or patterns in your design. Today, mostly the grass types are popular in order to fit with the city's silhouette. Also, the logo's of the cities or companies can be placed on the products. At this point, the limit is your imagination, and anything is possible with a reasonable additional cost.

For transportation, we load 5 pallets, 75 pairs with 12500kg for a 20 'container. For the 40 'container, we load 10 pallets, 150 pairs with 25000kg. And finally, for the 13,60 truck, we also load the same with a 40 'container.

Noise barriers are able to diminish the traffic noise easily and have a great design that creates beauty. We are using recyclable materials that make it environment-friendly. The surface has double fabric and its spine is strengthened which makes it durable against rough weather conditions. Other features of our products are:

  • Produced from non-flammable material.
  • Durable against all kinds of natural and heat effects.
  • Resistant against corrosion. You can use it for decades.
  • They provide both sound insulation and animal protection. They are environmental noise barriers.
  • You can easily transfer and install them in another place.
  • Our products have the quality certificates of EN 14388, EN 1793, EN 1794, EN 14389, EN 16272, and TÜV.
  • The most preferred colors are brown, tile red, black, and green.

Are noise barriers really effective? The answer is quite simple. Noise barriers are the most effective sound walls barrier systems ever. Because

  • It is very resistant to external conditions.
  • It has an aesthetic appearance.
  • They do not corrode.
  • It is highly resistant to impacts.

(The reason it is resistant to impacts is that the highway soundproof walls are made of rubber material. It is both flexible and durable material due to its rubber structure.)

As a result, soundproof walls are the most important products to be used in a city. Noise barriers are essential for cities due to skewed urbanization, buildings being built on the motorway sides and factories built into the city.

Since noise barriers can be made in harmony with the environment, it certainly does not emit a bad image to the environment. It also has an aesthetic appearance for people as it can be decorated with artificial grass.

As we mentioned above, the easiest way to prevent highway noise is sound-proof noise walls.

Sound wall assembly is very easy. The panels produced in our factory are brought to the area where they will be placed and assembled. All materials used during assembly are resistant to corrosion and robust. They never rust. This is a very important feature for a product that will fight external conditions.

Noise panels are capable of being made to roadsides, company and school surroundings and any areas that are disturbed by noise. They have different sizes. So it is versatile. Double-sided design can be made. Its general appearance is black. It can be of different designs when decorated with artificial grass.

As Hatko, we do everything we can to make city life free from noise and peace. Therefore, noise barriers are very important for humanity. Noise will somehow take place in our lives, but nobody has to be exposed to noise.

You can also learn the benefits of noise barriers by contacting us. If you have a corporate company, noise barriers are very important. Of course, you do not want the outside sounds to disturb your customers.

That's why you should definitely choose noise barriers.

As we mentioned above, the biggest reason that sound barriers are soundproof is that they are made of rubber material.

Noise barrier panels can be easily mounted to each other and fixed to where they are made. Highly durable and robust, Hatko noise barriers are very popular. As the height of the noise barriers increases, the soundproofing also throws. Larger panels dominate more space and provide more protection.

Noise is a pressure wave formed in the air and the higher the height of the protection panels, the lower the effect of this pressure on the environment. This is why the height of soundproof walls is very important.

Trees that were made on roadsides were used to prevent noise. However, as the number of vehicles increased, this situation began to change and the trees became insufficient.

As a result, the cities got peace with the noise barriers created. As Hatko we are highway noise barrier manufacturers located in Turkey. For more information, please contact us.

At Hatko Company, we offer 4 color selections which are brown, black, green, and tile red. We can also produce different colors according to customer wishes. The price doesn't change according to the color. The most preferred color is green which perfectly matches the environment around the roads out of cities. If the area has a high density of structures, tile red or black colors are suitable. On the other hand, brown is good in mountain areas. These can vary according to customer choices.

Another issue is the logo. The panels are produced in one color and also may include the logo of the company or the establishment. This will make the panels look constitutional. Grass or tree patterns are well with the logo. The perfect designs will absolutely please the companies and the users.

With the help of progress in technology and the rise in living standards, the manufacture and use of motor vehicles are increasing constantly. But this also increases the traffic that causes more air and sound pollution. Contrary to the past, people are getting away from city centers on seeking more peaceful places for higher living standards.

One of the main issues that restrain that peacefulness is noise pollution in which highways have an important part as we mention in the beginning. But the construction technologies are also advanced and noise barriers are very important today. On the other hand, building noise barriers are easier than in the past. Today, with noise barriers, the places closer to highways are quieter than in the past. What are the other advantages of noise barriers? They have the ability of:

  • Preventing noise pollution by keeping them inside the road,
  • Making the highways scenery more beautiful with different types of materials,
  • Reducing the noise level by 5 to 10 dB,
  • Blocking animals to enter the highways.

There are more other benefits of noise barriers. Because of these advantages, most city management is making the use of noise barriers mandatory. Noise barriers are increasing the living standards which directly affect the health and happiness of the citizens.

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