How to Save Energy?

How to Save Energy?

Energy is the resources we spend to continue our lives. For example, activities such as turning on the light of a room, running the washing machine, and operating the television are energy-consuming activities. Energy resources are divided into 2 as sustainable energy and consumable energy. Sustainable energy sources; It can be listed as sun, tide, wind, geothermal energy. Consumable energy sources; It is known as oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear energy.

Why Is Energy Saving Important?

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Saving energy is very important. Because we frequently use non-renewable energy sources as well as sustainable energy sources. We can even say that we use non-renewable energy resources more. That’s why we must minimize the use of consumable energy sources and fight for a sustainable world. To offer a healthy life to new generations in a more livable world, we must use energy resources correctly and save energy.

Also; saving energy will help you save your budget as well as the power to improve the world. Now below, what are the energy-saving methods, you can see how to save energy at home.

How to Save Energy at Home? 21 Tips

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  1. The refrigerator is constantly working white good. If you make the refrigerator temperature between 3-5 degrees, you will save energy.
  2. You can use systems that produce hot water with solar energy.
  3. Design your room so that you can make the most advantage of daylight.
  4. Wait for the ready meals that you keep in the freezer to defrost by themselves instead of heating them using the microwave.
  5. Keep the building doors closed in cold weather so that the cold outside does not enter the building.
  6. Unplug any electrical device plugs (phone charger, etc.) that you are not using.
  7. Use energy-efficient LED bulbs as the lighting system.
  8. Have exterior insulation systems in your building.
  9. Do not refrigerate food before it has cooled. Since the heat will spread to the refrigerator, it will cause your refrigerator to work harder.
  10. By keeping your white goods clean, you can consume less energy.
  11. If you use a ceramic plate while cooking in the oven, you can get the same efficiency with a lower cooking degree.
  12. If you close the pot lid while cooking, your food will cook faster.
  13. If you use the upper shelves while cooking in the oven, your food will cook faster.
  14. Do not open the oven door constantly while cooking in the oven. You will experience a loss of energy.
  15. Replace your old appliances with new ones and prefer models with better energy-saving classes.
  16. Leave the radiator uncovered. In this way, the heat will spread to your home more evenly and heat loss will be prevented.
  17. Turn on your natural gas at a low setting to lower the natural gas bill.
  18. Rather than throw away plastic bags, collect and reuse them. Even if possible, reduce the use of plastic by using cloth bags.
  19. Instead of leaving your computer turned on, turn on sleep mode, and leave it that way.
  20. You can save energy by washing your clothes in cold water.
  21. You can make your home warmer by airing your home during hours when solar energy is high.

As you can see, there are many ways to use energy efficiently at home. Saving energy is actually that easy. You can save energy with a few practical methods. We have listed practical suggestions for energy saving at home.

Now let’s examine how you can save energy in your workplace.

How to save energy in the workplace? 11 Tips

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  1. Systems can be used to minimize the use of electrical energy in the workplace. It is the simplest method to obtain electrical energy from solar panels.
  2. Prefer computers and similar electronic products used in the office to be among the models with high energy saving.
  3. Heating systems maintenance should be done regularly.
  4. If there is air conditioning in the office, place it in the area that will be least affected by sunlight.
  5. Make sure the doors are closed when the weather is cold.
  6. Radiators should be clean to prevent heat loss.
  7. If the office temperature is 20 degrees in winter and 24 degrees in summer, a healthier working environment is created.
  8. Use energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  9. You can avoid unnecessary electricity consumption by using lamps with sensors.
  10. Turn off your office light when leaving the workplace.
  11. Make the generator maintenance done regularly.

As you can see, saving energy is easy. Increase the use of renewable energy sources and save energy for a more livable world.

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