Are noise reduction barriers effective?

Are noise reduction barriers effective?

As we all know, noise is a factor that affects our lives very badly. It makes us feel bad physically and mentally. Already tiresome city life becomes more unbearable noise. Therefore, noise measures have started to be taken especially in developed countries and big cities.

Many technologies have been developed to prevent noise, and of course, the most important ones are noise barriers. Noise barriers are an effective product. The noise barriers produced by Hatko Sound Barriers can be built in any area where you want to get rid of noise in cities.

For example, we have noise barriers mounted on the side of the road to prevent road noise. Easily constructed noise barriers depending on the length of the road are very durable.

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The most important reason for its durability is that it is made of rubber material. Due to its rubber structure, it is a very durable and flexible material. In addition, rubber noise barriers, which are produced with external factors in mind, are also highly resistant to bad weather conditions.

When the highway noise barriers are manufactured, the sparkle that will be added to the environment is also taken into consideration. For example, Hatko Noise Barriers have an aesthetic appearance by using artificial turf. Artificial turf in different colors is mounted on noise barriers and helps to make city life look more vivid.

As you can see, noise reduction barriers are specially designed to make city life more livable. Noise-preventing barriers can be used in many areas in cities.

Where to use noise barriers?

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This wide range of noise barriers is the easiest way to make our lives easier. Hatko offers you the simplest way to avoid the noise of motor vehicles while you are at school, at work, or outside.

Mostly used noise barriers;

  • Industrial areas
  • Hospitals
  • Building circles
  • Hotel circles
  • Airports
  • Train tracks

So, as you can see, noise barriers can be used in any area where there is a noise that may disturb people. Please note that noise barriers are the best choice among sound insulation methods.

Hatko Sound Barriers have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be designed in any area you want. There are many types of sound barriers. Our barrier systems are manufactured from fully recyclable materials and have no negative impact on the environment. On the contrary, it will give you peace of mind with its aesthetic and view.

  • Hatko Sound Barriers are offered to you in highways, trains and roads, factory environments, and any area where you want to get rid of the noise.
  • One of the most important features of the Hatko Sound Barriers is its non-flammability. It is resistant to heat and protects against possible dangers.
  • Hatko Sound Barriers do not wear easily and so protect their aesthetic appearance for many years.
  • Barriers can be easily removed and transported to another area where necessary.
  • Brown, tile, black, and green color options are available as well as the appearance of decorative grass barriers are offered to your liking.
  • The surfaces of the Hatko Sound Barriers have a double-sided texture, which ensures perfect harmony with the environment.
  • In addition, sound barriers ensure the safety of our animal friends and prevent them from being damaged.
  • Our barriers have EN 1793, EN 1794, En 14389, EN 16272, EN 16727, EN 16951, and TÜV quality certificates.

The sound barrier (also known as sound barrier walls, noise wall, sound impact, noise barrier or acoustic barrier, noise reduction barrier) is an external structure designed to protect the inhabitants of sensitive land use areas from noise pollution. Noise refers to unwanted disturbing tone and sound absorption systems are barrier systems produced with advanced technology that protects us from these damages.

What are the Harmful Effects of Noise?

Highway Sound Barriers

For people living in big cities, the noise has become unbearable. People living in metropolitan areas are exposed to the noise of vehicles, trams, trains, and even factories until the late hours of the morning. When people come home from morning to evening, they want to relax naturally and unfortunately, they cannot spend their evenings with the noise coming from the highway and factories.

According to scientific research, noise causes enormous damage to the human body and psychology, and this situation negatively affects both our daily lives and our work life. The Hatko Sound Barriers are always at your service to help you live a better quality.

When we look at the noisiest cities in the world, there are many diseases that are experienced due to the harmful effects of noise. For example, being in very noisy environments will damage our ears over time and cause damage to our hearing. Or did you know that being in noisy environments increases the risk of a heart attack?

It has also been scientifically proven that pregnant women should avoid noisy environments. Very noisy environments both harm the pregnant woman and the unborn baby.

  • Scientific research shows that children exposed to a lot of noise are aggressive and irritable.

These are among the simplest effects of noise. Noise affects our daily life, work performance, and school success negatively. Therefore, we can cover the harmful aspects of technology by using its benefits. We can only do that with noise reduction barriers.

Therefore, you can contact Hatko Sound Barriers to prevent noise from further damaging our lives.


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