Noise Barrier

Hatko Noise Barriers that allow you to reach a quality living standard, decrease the sound level at maximum level in areas such as highways with high vehicle traffic, train and tram routes, double roads, increase the life quality of people living or working in those areas at a certain level.

Highway noise reduction barriers Advantages & Benefits

  • It reduces the severity of the traffic noise.
  • Has an good looking design. Suitable with aesthetic values and views,
  • Made of Recyclable materials,
  • Reinforced with a rigid backbone for extra stability,
  • Easy Installation or removed as required,
  • Fireproof,
  • Abrasion Resistant,
  • Complies with EN 1793, EN 1794, EPD and TUV quality.


Hatko Sound Barriers are user friendly with color and synthetic grass options. It is suitable to every need.

Sound Barrier Colors


Model SB1
Material Rubber
Dimensions 100 cm x 200 cm x (+-%5)
Model NB2-W
Material Rubber
Dimensions 50 cm x 200 cm x (+-%5)
Thickness  80 mm (+-%5)
Surface Properties  10 cm x 10 cm Sound Isolation Rooms
Internal Structure  Steel Inner Box
Design Features  Turf Options with Decorative Purposes, Customer Logo Application
Warranty  10 Years


20’ Container 5 Pallet 75 units 

40’ containers 10 pallets 150 units 

13.60 TRUCK 10 pallets 150 units