Hatko Sound Barrier; In the Istanbul Çekmeköy Municipality Park and Wedding Palace project, maximum sound insulation has been provided with noise barriers.

Hatko Sound Barrier; 25 December Panorama Museum with the Noise Barrier and ventilation units, maximum sound insulation is provided to the environment.

Hatko Sound Barrier; 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Noise Barrier installation has been completed.

Gaziantep Amusement Park Noise Barrier

Hatko Sound Barrier; with Gaziantep Amusement Park Noise Barrier, the sound emitted to the environment has been reduced to the maximum level.

Gaziantep Şehitkamil Municipality continues to offer quality living spaces with the Noise Barrier project.

İstanbul Burgaz Houses Noise Barriers

Hatko Sound Barrier successfully finished the project of İstanbul Burgaz Houses.

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