20211915 Çanakkale Bridge Noise Barrier ProjectGrass3 m3000 m²CanakkaleTURKIYE
2022ICA Motorways Noise Barrier Projects Grass + 3D3 & 4 m5304 m²IstanbulTURKIYE
2022Çekmeköy Municipality Noise Barrier ProjectsGrass + 3D3 & 4 m4106 m²IstanbulTURKIYE
2022Almaty TAV International Airport Noise Barrier ProjectNone4 m3928 m²AlmatyKAZAKHSTAN
202125 December Panorama Museum ProjectNone6 m650 m²GaziantepTURKIYE
2019Gaziantep Municipality Bridge Noise Barrier ProjectNone3 m600 m²GaziantepTURKIYE
2019Kılınç Fun Fair Noise Barrier ProjectNone4 m240 m²GaziantepTURKIYE
2022MESA Private Villages Project - BodrumNone4 mXMuglaTURKIYE
2022Presidency Villages Project NoneXXXTURKIYE
2020Burgaz Houses Villa ProjectNone4 m160 m²IstanbulTURKIYE

Burgaz Houses Villa

Hatko Sound Barrier successfully finished the project of İstanbul Burgaz...