What are the Effective Barriers to Noise Control?

What are the effective barriers to noise control?

Noise is a very important problem to control all over the world. Today so many developed countries used noise barriers to reducing noise. Noise barrier walls are mostly used in highway traffic and a solution for building sites. In some countries, it is also used to protect homes/buildings from noise. But all of these barrier designs have the same purpose. The aim is to psychologically relieve people. Because the noise level has very disturbing effects on the human brain. As Hatko, we do everything necessary for noise reduction for people to live in a more peaceful environment. Highway noise barriers also have a great impact on ensuring this peaceful environment with sound-absorbing. Hatko Sound Barriers open the doors to you in a calm and quiet world. Today we will examine together effective barriers of noise control.

How is Noise Barrier Works (2)

The sound absorbent panels are made of rubber material and include special production sound insulation material in 2 different densities, water and moisture preventing glass tulle. The surface of the panel can be made of rubber material so that it can easily absorb sound waves.

It is used as a barrier to absorb in potentially noisy environments such as. As it is known, the noise generated by highway traffic such as;

  • construction sites
  • highway,
  • subway,
  • tram,
  • train

and the like has become one of the most intolerable problems of today for those living around. Our company has been established to eliminate all kinds of excessive noise sources producing highways and similar noise by starting with this fact.

In such environmental noise problems, the level of noise reflection, vehicle ratio, current speed, signal-controlled intersection, and traffic irregularity at the crossroads, cross-section slope of the road, sound pressure level due to the current traffic flow are measured. We take our precautions by working healthily in the factors that may be effective such as distance, emission conditions and weather conditions, and ground

How can Make Highway Sound Barriers more Effective?

Where to Buy Sound Barriers (2)

Using rubber materials, the sound walls/barriers are more effective. Because as noise barrier material rubber is used as noise barrier walls. Rubber is a material with a very strong sound absorption capacity. Therefore it is used in noise-canceling systems.

Noise pressure level calculations on these principles are determined by a slight wind breeze or a change in temperature during the night. The noise barrier walls help to reduce to a great extent by the direct shielding of the reflective noise caused by the emission types on the road of our roadside barriers with high noise absorption qualities. Noise barriers are also known as noise-canceling barriers and acoustic barrier fences.

The noise measurement calculated as;

Noise measurement is performed with the sonometer device. The sonometer gives the volume in decibels (dB). Decibel is the name given to a voice evaluation unit where the human ear is most sensitive and high frequencies are particularly emphasized. The dB unit, which is widely used in noise reduction or control of noise, is also associated with the subjective evaluation of loudness. When noise exceeds certain limits, many mental and physical disorders occur in people. According to research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization, 0 dB is the threshold of the human ear and is not disturbed by sounds between 0-30 dB. Psychological symptoms are observed in sounds between 30-60 dB depending on personal sensitivity. Psychological, physiological, and autological disorders occur in sounds between 65-85 dB.

Desired variables and calculation methods for sound insulation are determined at the design stage. Part of the sound waves impinging on a surface is reflected, some of it is absorbed and the rest is transmitted. The rates of reflection, absorption, and conduction depend on the shape of the surface, the sound absorption of the material, and the frequency of the sound. Open-pored materials (such as glass wool, rock wool) are used for sound insulation.

Sound-absorbing materials are porous or fibrous materials that act by converting some of the acoustic energy into heat energy, leading to frictional losses of air entering the cavities in their structures.

What materials can block sound?

Every material blocks some of the sounds but usually, rubber is chosen according to its design and weight. Rubber is an environmentally friendly material. Since the materials used are completely recyclable, it does not cause any harm to the environment. As rubber is a recyclable product, its usage has increased in recent years. Because our world is in danger of global warming and it is only in our hands to prevent this. Only human beings can make this world more livable. However, we should not forget that we are the most damaging entities in this world. To leave a better world for future generations, recyclable materials must be used in production and consumption.

What Are The Effects Of Noise On Human Health (2)

  • Also, there is another product which is used in noise barrier.
  • Artificial grass is used to cover noise barriers for aesthetic view.
  • The green color gives people peace.
  • And it looks perfect in the environment.

There are many features of sound barriers as you can see. Of course, the most curious question here is the cost of sound barriers. Highway sound barrier walls cost is changes according to a square meter of barrier fences and materials used in manufacturing. For effectively reducing sound the sound barriers should be used.

Noise control methods in buildings are so effective solution to preventing the harm of noise. So soundproof fencing should be used also a solution for building sites.

Today, there are very noisy environments in metropolises and especially in industrial areas. With distorted urbanization, factories are built into the city, which causes great harm to human psychology. Already in the metropolitan cars emitted by the loud noise, while the noise is high enough, the noise of the factories also disturb people extra. Hatko Company is working in the Sound Barrier Wall industry to save people from the hardship of today’s life. Hatko has been in this sector for nearly 30 years and works with an understanding that never compromises on quality.

  • For more information, with Hatko Sound Barrier as a noise barrier manufacturer.

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