What is Noise Pollution and How to Prevent it?

What is noise pollution and how to prevent it?

Noise pollution that seriously damages physical, mental human health and the order of the environment is a very important problem of modern city life. The sources of noise pollution are:

  • Airports,
  • Highways,
  • Roads with heavy traffic,
  • Railways,
  • Industrial facilities and factories.

Of course, these are not the only sources. There are so many more things that create noise pollution. Now, let’s see the definition of this term.

What Is Noise Pollution

What Is Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution can be defined as a combination of sounds at a high level that has a disturbing or harmful effect on humans and other living forms. According to the World Health Organization, a sound level of less than 70dB is not harmful, but exposure for more than 8 hours to continuous noise beyond 85 dB may be hazardous. So, the limit of a sound for acceptance as noise is 85dB or more.

Today, the places that endure the highest noise pollution are high-density population’s living areas. Also, industrial places, highways, airports, railways are the connection points of cities and they are centers of noise.

The problem with the noise is it radiates through the air. The noise doesn’t stay in its original place and, with the help of the air, it can transfer to big distances. So, this makes noise pollution a major issue, not in a limited space, but a wide area.

How can You Measure Noise

How can You Measure Noise?

Noise can be measured only with special and sensitive devices named decibel meter. A decibel meter is an instrument used to assess sound or noise levels by measuring sound pressure. The measure definition of the device is the sound pressure level (SPL) or decibel (dB). The device uses a microphone to capture the sound and evaluate it with the acoustic measurement values.

The critical issue about the measurement is that the definition of sound is different from noise. To measure noise, constant measures of sound levels are obtained for a certain time period. You can clarify the noise level of an area only by making continuous measurements for like 1 month, 5 months, or a year, etc. After this period, the average value is calculated and this will give us the noise level.

Although noise is stable, it is not stable for the human ear. The human ear detects the noise levels differently because of the outside effects. The noise for the human ear is different in the morning, daytime, and nighttime. For more accurate measurements, this reality should stay in the minds.

How can You Prevent Noise Pollution

How can You Prevent Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution prevention is an important issue for daily life. There are so many methods to prevent noise pollution. We can group the noise pollution prevention methods into two; actions by individuals and actions by management. Also, there are some actions in the governments’ responsibilities. Governments and city counsels define some limits about noise and prepare some noise pollution control laws or regulations to prevent noise pollution. Some of the noise pollution prevention tips are:

  • Airports, coach stations, railway stations, and industrial areas should be constructed outside the cities.
  • The drivers should encourage or punished in case of unnecessary horn usage.
  • Music sounds should be limited in public areas and also some levels in private areas (homes, gardens, and other places).
  • To ensure the health of the workers, the managers of companies and initiatives should make the necessary sound isolations and precations. Governments have clear rules about these.
  • The lawmakers should make the use of sound insulation technologies compulsory in new constructions and strictly follow them.

How to Prevent Noise Pollution with Noise Barriers

How to Prevent Noise Pollution with Noise Barriers

The best and easiest way to prevent noise pollution is to use high insulation technologies. The methods we explained are classic and passive precautions that are not sufficient to limit noise. This is the place that noise barriers come in.

As the Hatko Noise Barrier Company, we manufacture the best quality products which are capable of downsizing the noise level to a minimum. Also, these products are blocking the roads and protecting living forms. Our products are ideal for highways, railways, and other types of roads.

Our products are easy to establish and also protect the cities. The advantages of our products are:

  • Lower the traffic sound,
  • Has an aesthetic view,
  • Use recycle materials,
  • It has a double structure that fits the environment,
  • It has a stern structure and doesn’t get affected by the weather.
  • You can transport and dismantle the parts easily,
  • Protect the animals from entering and also from unwanted accidents
  • The product is fire-proof and doesn’t easily burn.
  • Durable against abrasion with rubber structure,
  • Have all the necessary certificates ( EN 14388, EN 1793, EN 1794, EN 14389, EN 16272)

As the Hatco Sounbarrier Company, we care for innovation. Also, we respect the environment. We have so many years of experience and we use it to improve ourselves. So we believe that we are the best in this market. And also we are ready to answer and assist you.


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