What is the purpose of the sound barriers on highways?

What is the purpose of the sound barriers on highways?

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of city life. Traffic is tried to be relieved a bit with the developed highways in the city life. However, the number of vehicles increases with the continuous increase of the population in cities, and thus the noise emitted by the vehicles increases.

With the increasing noise, one of the biggest disadvantages of city life has emerged. NOISE. Noise is a problem that causes many diseases today. Depression also causes a heart attack or even hearing loss.

To prevent this, systems produced are called sound barriers. The purpose of the sound barriers on the sides of the highways is to prevent people’s noise from vehicles and to prevent disturbance to people.

Noise barriers to highways’ sides can be of different shapes. A noise barrier technology that is compatible with the environment and visually aesthetic has been developed. Hatko Sound Barriers are produced from materials that do not harm the environment.

If you ask how to provide sound insulation with Sound Barriers, we can explain as follows. Sound barriers absorb and reflect sound from vehicles and prevent sound from spreading around the environment. Thanks to this system of highway noise barriers that prevent the formation of noise in the city, we can prevent at least one problem of city life.

The standard of living you want to live in today has some consequences. Rents are more suitable in areas where there is a lot of noise and urbanization is wrong. However, rents are higher in central areas where the noise level is kept under control.

  • Because the quality of life is higher in these regions.
  • Noise barriers have been built in these areas.
  • People are protected from the harmful effects of noise in these areas.
  • Therefore, a more prosperous life is driven.

What is Noise Map?

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Today, some methods are used to identify noisy areas. One of them is the noise map method.

Noise maps are created by authorized persons in noisy areas. And these maps should be checked regularly. The level of noise in that area has increased or decreased over time, which should be kept under control.

The most important institution that can prevent noise is the state. Therefore, the urbanization plan should be made correctly. However, if it cannot be done for some reason, noise barriers should be built to prevent people from being victims.

Noise is an Environmental Problem

Noise is an environmental disaster. Therefore, they should be prevented by the relevant institutions. Noise is one of the starting reasons for physical and psychological problems. Who wants to work in a noisy environment? Or who wants to study in a noisy environment? Noisy workplaces reduce working performance. Noisy schools cause lower education. Therefore, it is necessary to benefit from the blessings of developing technology.

Thanks to highway noise barriers produced using the latest technological tools, people are protected from the harmful effects of noise. This is the easiest way to maintain the quality of life.

Noise is also known as acoustic pollution. Especially in developed countries, it is more common than other types of pollution. Noise causes a decrease in the personal and social quality of life. When considered as an environmental problem, the highest levels of noise acceptable for human health should be determined first.

Afterward, it is necessary to determine the current noise conditions in the investigated environment using measurement and estimation methods and to control the noise within a system accordingly. This is one of the functions of noise maps.

At this point, noise wall barriers come to our aid. Hatko Noise Barriers have been working in this most needed area for years. Hatko Sound Barriers provide you with quality and noise-free city life. Because the priority is always human health and satisfaction. That is why it works in the highway sound barriers sector which provides 100% success.

  • Thanks to these 100% success noise barriers, we are not exposed to environmental disasters.

Because the most important feature of noise barriers is that they do not harm the natural environment. Because the panels of noise barriers can be covered with artificial turf. Colorful artificial turf creates an environmental feast with noise barriers.

Which Materials are Used in Manufacturing Noise Barriers?

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Do you want to know which materials are used to produce noise barriers? Of course, you should know the material from which such a useful and useful product is produced. Rubber is the most important material used by Hatko in the manufacture of noise barriers.

If you ask why rubber, we can explain as follows;

  • Rubber is a sound insulation
  • Rubber is also very resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • Do not wear and rust in bad weather conditions.
  • Due to its flexibility, it is not damaged in an accident.
  • Flexible as well as very durable.

As you can see, rubber noise barriers are one of the rare products created to make city life better. As it is a very strong product in terms of aesthetics and durability visually, it can be preferred with peace of mind.

Building noise barriers is one of the works that private organizations and governments can do. Person-based noise barriers can also be installed. To learn more about noise barrier prices and dimensions, please contact us.

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