Environmental Policy

As Hatko Kaucuk A.Ş, we are an institution that is aware of our responsibility towards the environment. In all our production activities, we work with our suppliers and customers to minimize our environmental impact in the process from the procurement process to the production stage, from use to disposal.

In accordance with this purpose;

  • Working to continuously improve the environmental management system,
  • Minimizing waste, detecting and preventing pollution at its source, using energy resources efficiently and reducing the negative effects of our activities on the environment,
  • To identify risks for environmental emergencies and to reduce them,
  • To develop awareness and awareness trainings on environmental awareness and efficient use of energy resources,
  • Keeping the Environmental Factors under control and minimizing the new products to be produced in the future or new processes and activities to be developed, and preferring energy efficient technologies and applications,
  • To ensure the protection of natural resources by reducing our use of raw materials by using appropriate technologies that cause the least harm to the environment within technical and economic possibilities,
  • To fulfill our legal compliance obligations regarding the environment,
  • To evaluate recycling and re-evaluation alternatives by reducing the wastes that may occur in all processes of production, transportation, stocking, treatment and maintenance activities,


We declare and undertake..