How Do Trees Reduce Noise Pollution?

How Do Trees Reduce Noise Pollution?

As we all know, noise is environmental pollution that disturbs the person a lot and causes some psychological diseases. Many technological methods developed to prevent noise are used.

Sound barrier, noise barrier, sound curtain, and similar technological barriers are very successful products that prevent noise from spreading into the city.

Besides, one of the easiest ways to block noise is plants. In addition to providing us with oxygen, trees also fulfill this important task.

Especially hard-leaved trees and evergreen trees are very effective in preventing noise. Experts state that the sound-canceling function of trees is frequently used in developed countries. Especially with the afforestation of city centers, a sound curtain is formed and thus noise propagation into the city is prevented.

This system is also frequently applied on the highway sides. By planting trees on the sides of the highway where the noise barrier is not used, the city center is beautified and helps to reduce the harmful effects of noise.

Well, let’s examine how much trees reduce the effect of noise.

How Many Decibels Do Trees Reduce?

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Noise pollution caused by unplanned urbanization disturbs people living in the city. When the people of the city, who are tired of working all day, come to their home in the evening, they are very disturbed by the noise of the vehicle and are looking for solutions to prevent it. At this point, trees are the best helper for us.

Trees, which are so important in preventing noise, reduce the noise very strongly.

Trees reduce the noise level up to 10 decibels.

This is a fairly high sound ratio. The noise decreasing by 10 decibels may be enough to prevent the person from being disturbed by the noise.

However, there are some points to be considered here;

  • Amount of city noise,
  • In which areas of the city there is more noise,
  • Which tree species should be used,
  • Which direction should the trees be planted?

These details are important for trees to properly fulfill their role in noise blocking. At this point, it would be best to work with a landscape architect. At this point, municipalities should decide which areas will be afforested in line with the report they receive from the landscape architect.

Remember, you can always get the most accurate information from experts.

Choosing The Tree Species

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Besides, we must be careful when choosing the types of trees used to prevent noise. Because thin-leaved trees that are easily affected by bad weather conditions are not suitable tree varieties to create a noise curtain. Therefore, wood varieties with hard leaves and resistance to harsh weather conditions should be preferred.

  • The tree length should be high.
  • The branch and leaf structure should also be dense.
  • The leaves of the tree to be planted must be planted perpendicular to the direction of the sound.
  • Trees planted one after another will cover each other and will not let the noise get into the background.

A collection of 7-8 meters wide trees to be created in this way will reduce the noise by at least 10 decibels. This is a very successful noise canceling method.

Besides, with the tree pile to be created, the pollution from the exhaust smoke will also decrease and another factor that creates environmental pollution will be prevented.

As you can see, trees are very important in our lives. It plays a major role in not only providing us with oxygen but also in blocking noise.

As Hatko Sound Barrier, we are aware of the damage that noise causes to our lives, so we strive to prevent noise in the most effective way. If you want to be protected from the harmful effects of noise and think that the trees will not be enough, you can choose a noise barrier.

You can provide 40 decibels sound insulation with the noise barrier. This shows that the noise barrier is a much more effective method than trees.

For the noise barrier you need, all you have to do is contact us. With the noise barrier, you will have a quality of life standard. You can check our website for environmentally compatible noise barriers.

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