Noise in The Workplace

Noise in The Workplace

Noise is a concept that exists in all areas of our lives. It is getting harder with each passing day, especially in metropolitan cities. There are many reasons why noise occurs especially in metropolitan cities. Factors such as the increasing population rate in metropolitan cities, the increase in the number of vehicles in traffic, and the increase in musical entertainment venues make it difficult to combat noise. Besides, depending on the profession we choose, our struggle with noise is carried to a different dimension.

For example, the noise level we are exposed to in an office environment is not the same as the noise level we are exposed to in a factory. Therefore, working conditions are among the factors that make it difficult to combat noise in business life. Of course, factors such as the increasing population rate and the number of vehicles in traffic make it difficult to combat noise in business life.

For example; If you work for a company established on the highway side and the sound insulation systems in the company are not good, you will be exposed to a lot of noise. Noise barriers are a very effective solution to avoid noise exposure, especially in workplaces built on the sides of the highway.

Noise barriers are a type of barrier – known as highway noise barrier – that is usually installed on the side of the highway. This system, also known as the rubber EPDM sound barrier, absorbs the noise coming from the highway and does not reflect it to the environment we are in. Noise barriers, which are quite successful, are made by Hatko Sound Barrier in your area and installed. Do not forget that the easiest way to be protected from the harmful effects of noise is noise barriers.

Also, as Hatko Sound Barrier, we would like to examine different methods of combating noise in business life with you.

The Damages That Can Be Caused By Noise In Business Life

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The working environment is actually an area where we spend most of our day. That’s why being peaceful in business affects the rest of the day. Damages that may occur if exposed to noise in business life are as follows;

  • Occupational accident due to communication breakdown
  • If the noise is too loud, hearing loss
  • The decline in job performance
  • Experiencing physical and psychological diseases due to these reasons

For the reasons we have mentioned above, if you are working in a very noisy environment, it is unlikely that you will be happy in business life. Because it has been explained by scientific data that noise causes many physical and psychological damages.

Therefore, the aim here is to ensure the satisfaction of the employees to increase the quality of the work. Because no employee wants to work in an environment that they are not satisfied with. If efforts are made to increase employment, noise should also be among the factors that make business life difficult. At this point, studies should be done and the health of the worker should be taken into consideration.

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Also, if the environment you work in is a factory or workshop, that is, an area where the noise is very high, you should wear protective earmuffs. Because the biggest problem that can be experienced when exposed to noise for a long time is hearing loss. Work-life will be meaningless to you even after suffering a hearing loss. Therefore, it is necessary to wear protective earmuffs in workplaces where the noise level is very high.

Types of Noise in the Workplace

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Types of noise in workplaces can be examined under 3 headings.

  1. Continuous noise: It is a type of noise that continues non-stop. For example, generator noise is a continuous type of noise.
  2. Variable noise: The noise generated during working in factories, especially in the industrial sector, is the variable noise. Sewing machine sound can be given as an example.
  3. Instant Noise: It is a short-term noise type. It is the name given to the momentary noise created by objects touching each other.

In the table below, we have shown the noise levels you will be exposed to in some working environments.

Working Area Noise Level ( Decibel – DB)
Production Factories, Workshops 70 Decibel
Laboratory 40 Decibel
Hospital, Clinic, etc. health centers 35 Decibel
School, Kindergarten 40 Decibel
Outdoor Office 30 Decibel
Indoor Office 40 Decibel
Control Centers, Stations 50 Decibel


In the table below, we have shown the diseases that can occur when exposed to noise in decibels.

Source of Noise Noise Level Effect of Human Health
Daily conversation, chat environment 20 DB – 50 DB It has no negative effects
Production Factories, 60 DB – 65 DB Stress, Restlessness
Workshops 70 DB – 80 DB Cardiovascular system disorder, sleep disturbance
Traffic Noise 85 DB Hearing Loss, Tinnitus
Industrial Studies

Entertainment Centers, Night Clubs

90 DB – 140 DB Sudden damage to the hearing system


Necessary precautions should be taken to prevent a noise-induced illness due to the above effects. At this point, the risk of noise should be evaluated and the equipment and machinery that emit noise should be controlled and necessary precautions should be taken.

There are 2 options at this point. One of them is to reduce the level of radiated noise. If this is not possible, the second option is to reduce the noise exposure level of the workers. The protective earphone is just one of these measures.

Measures To Be Taken To Reduce Noise

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  1. Using low-noise tools instead of loud tools
  2. Using a wheeled transport vehicle instead of dragging things on the floor while carrying items in the workplace.
  3. With the sound insulation material, the spread of the noise to the environment can be prevented.
  4. If we want to provide a quiet office environment, a sound barrier application can be made on the roadside.

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If you want to have happy employees as shown in the image, you should consider worker health first.

As you can see, there are many ways to block or reduce noise. The important thing is to reduce exposure to noise by considering worker health. If you want to get more information about the noise barrier, you can contact us.

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