How to Reduce Noise in your Apartment

How to reduce noise in your apartment?

As a general definition of noise, we can say that it is undesired noise or noise pollution. The main issue is that noise is loud, and we don’t like it. Or at least we are disturbed by it. Recent researches revealed that noise has bigger effects on people than we assume. It has negative effects on both the physiological and psychological health of people. Also, it reduces productivity.

Noise may cause very serious illnesses. These illnesses may vary from infertility, behavior disorder, hearing disabilities, tinnitus, and with the help of all these, some psychological problems. It may cause dyslexia or focusing problems in school-age children which may result in problems with learning. When we consider these, noise is an important thing to struggle with. Noise is an important problem where unplanned urbanization is a real problem. So how to reduce noise in our living places? How can we deal with it in our daily life? Today we will find answers to these questions.

How to Reduce Noise in Daily Life

In our war against noise, we have two methods; noise insulation and acoustic arrangement. The acoustic arrangement is the regulation of the sound reflection sequence in a closed place. And by noise insulation, we mean reducing sound to a minimum level by using structural materials. So noise insulation is generally possible with some construction works. Most of the time, these measures are part of the construction plans of buildings. Rubber plates are ideal materials to provide insulation. Most of the time, people get disturbed from the upper floors. This is all because of not placing insulation materials in the construction process.

So the possible solution is to use these types of insulation materials. If you can manage the application of them successfully, you can reduce the noise level by up to %90. But if you want a %100 success level, you should apply insulation material to all of the walls. This may be a little more expensive, but it is the exact solution.

Measures About How to Reduce Noise

Measures About How to Reduce Noise

So what are the measures to reduce the noise level? We have created a great list of practical solutions. Some of them are managerial, and some of them are basic solutions that you can take;

  • For officials, planning high-level noise creating facilities like airports, industrial facilities, factories, etc. to construct outside and far from residential areas.
  • Preventing motor vehicles’ horns to use unnecessarily.
  • Prohibiting the use of electronic amplifiers in public places or residential areas.
  • Taking extra measures for the workers who work in factories that generate high-level noise according to governmental regulations.
  • Setting rules about prohibiting the use of TV or music players with loud noise in residential areas.
  • Encourage people to use public transportation instead of personal vehicles to reduce the noise level in motorways. (This will also reduce air pollution)
  • Set regulations to reduce the noise level of the motor vehicles’ exhaust pipes.

Effects of Noise on the Environment

We will give the effects under two headlines; physical and social.

Physical Effects

Noise has physical effects directly on the ears. People may suffer some hearing disabilities. So, increasing railway transportation systems and prohibiting densely populated areas will definitely have positive effects on the environment.

Social Effects

Healthcare tests revealed that noise reduces the quality of living standards. It may also cause some psychological problems. So, noise is a real threat to the modern daily lifestyle.

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