How to Solve Traffic Problems in Cities?

How to solve traffic problems in cities?

As we all know, the traffic problem is increasing day by day in big cities. There are many main reasons for this. Distorted urbanization, the increase in population, and the increase in the number of vehicles are the 3 biggest factors causing traffic problems in cities.

With the formation of crooked urbanization, the roads are not wide enough and not linear enough to provide traffic flow quickly. As a result, we see blocked roads, big queues, and angry drivers.

With the increasing population and the improvement of financial possibilities, everyone can now buy a car, albeit at low prices. The number of vehicles going to traffic is increasing every day and the existing roads are not enough and the traffic problem is growing.

People should be informed especially about traffic and be warned about the use of vehicles. Of course, many studies and projects are done on this subject. Renovated roads, new roads, and many more investments are made for the improvement of traffic.

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However, no matter how long the road is made, it is necessary to direct the people towards using public transportation. Today, these warnings are made very often. The biggest reason for the traffic, especially in the morning commute hours and in the evening, is the widespread use of private vehicles.

Instead of using our private vehicles, we can go faster to the area we want to reach by using public transportation. Now you will say how do we go faster using public transportation? The answer is, of course, simple. As the number of vehicles in traffic decreases, traffic will not occur and public transportation vehicles will be able to take you to your destination more quickly.

This is one of the simplest methods for traffic problems.

Of course, just turning to public transportation will not solve our business.

How Can We Reduce Traffic Jam?

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One of the most effective ways to reduce traffic congestion is to raise our awareness. We should not only wait for the solution to the problem from the authorities but also try ourselves. We have to ask ourselves. What are we doing to prevent traffic jams?

Actually, we all have the answer. We don’t do anything. We are so used to the comfort of the car that we believe that traffic is a fate. So, We think it is a must to experience traffic. However, this is not the case.

Let’s think together. What can we do to reduce traffic problems?

For example, we can work on increasing bicycle roads. We can direct people to bicycle use, and we can take a step towards solving this problem. Imagine that you go where you want by breathing fresh air with a bicycle in spring. Cycling is a good tool for sports as well as a blessing for getting out of traffic.

Bicycle use should be encouraged. This strategy contributes to reducing urban pollution and reduces dependency on private vehicles. In many cases, it can start with the introduction of small vehicles such as motorcycles.

7 Solutions to reduce Traffic

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  1. Inform the authorities if you see danger or a disturbance on the road: we may encounter various situations when driving on the city streets or on roads or highways. We should not be indifferent to these situations. For example; we can testify to a demonstration, debris, departing animals, or an accident. Given these events, it is advisable to call the relevant authorities, because the faster the problem is reported, the faster the actions to be taken.
  2. Respect the lanes: Remember that there is one lane to drive fast and another lane to drive at a more normal speed. If you drive very slowly along the left lane and other vehicles have to pass you to continue, you are causing vehicle congestion and accident hazard. If you prefer to drive slower, use the right or center lane.
  3. Follow the traffic light rules: We all know that we should stop when the red light is on, and move on when the green light is on. Therefore, the most important stage of traffic rules is to obey traffic lights.

This is also true for your own vehicle lights. If you are turning, use the turn signals. If you are going to stop, activate the flashlights. So, If you don’t, the rest of the drivers and pedestrians cannot predict what to do. That is why it is so important to state your actions. Thus, you will improve vehicle chaos and prevent accidents.

  1. Vehicles are forbidden to stop at bus stops, garages, or forbidden places: you must comply with traffic regulations and know that parking is prohibited at bus stops, garage doors, or pedestrian roads. And remember: Stations never occur in double rows.
  2. If you have a problem with your vehicle, park aside: If your vehicle has been damaged, move as quickly as possible to the side of the street (when safe). Then place the safety signs so that the rest of the drivers can see you.
  3. Give way: If you find yourself facing a long car line that wants to enter your lane, use the alternative method so that everyone can progress slowly and without traffic chaos. Often, vehicle congestion occurs because drivers are included in other lanes. You can give way to vehicles to prevent this.
  4. Public transport should be promoted: Perhaps the most repetitive and at the same time the most effective solution, because the use of public transport significantly reduces the traffic density of private vehicles in the city for two main reasons:

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1-In private transportation, they can carry many people to the same point at the same time.

2-Regular management of public transportation, designed to meet the greatest demand where it is needed most, optimizes the use of the city road.


As you can see, there are actually many ways to solve the traffic problem. It is the simplest way to solve this job, only for authorities and individuals to fulfill their responsibilities.

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