Differences Between Noise and Sound Barriers

Differences between noise and sound barriers.

Sound barrier and noise barrier installation have become very common in the last 10 years. Because of the bad effects of noise pollution on human health have become a very important issue. Just like environmental, air, and water pollution; noise pollution is also very dangerous for people. And it has been subject to many kinds of research to find out;

  • What are the effects of noise pollution on human and other life forms,
  • What kinds of consequences does it cause,
  • And most important, how to prevent it.

After all this researches and discoveries of harmful effects, the best solution turned out to be the sound and noise barriers.

So what are the sound and noise barriers? What is the difference between them? Which one should you prefer where? These questions have become very popular and all the city management are trying to find the best answers to this. At Hatko Sound Barrier Company, we prepared this article about the topic and we will guide you about the application of sound and noise barriers.

The Sound Barrier Application

The Sound Barrier Application

Normally, both sound and noise barriers have the same aim; block or limit the noise. But they differ according to the place they are used to. City management prefers noise barriers where the noise is denser. These places are especially highways, railroads, airports, and some big industrial areas.

On the other hand, sound barriers are more proper for industrial facilities. Although they both have similar structures, sound barriers look more elegant. As they are not as durable as noise barriers, we use them to surround factories, manufacturing facilities, and some other areas that create high-level noise.

To prefer sound barriers, first, management should analyze by measuring the noise level. After this analysis, the engineers and management can decide between the two types of barriers. If the decision is the sound barrier, there has to be a field analysis first. After the necessary land work, sound barriers will be placed carefully. It is possible to assemble and disassemble the sound barriers again and again. So we can use them in different places when they are needed.

Noise Barrier Application

Noise Barrier Application

Noise barrier application is a little bit different than the sound barrier. As we mentioned before, they are generally proper for highways, railroads, and some parts of airports. Noise barriers can block the noise waves inside and don’t let them go outside. They are especially efficient at roads that have much heavy truck traffic near residential areas.

The application process of the noise barrier is similar to the sound barrier. First, engineers should make detailed noise measurements and analyses. For example, if you plan to use them for a highway, you should detect the loudest noise level and the spot, or spots. Then you should install the barriers to these spots.

Sometimes, it will be necessary to install noise barriers all along the road. But sometimes, it will be enough to install them only in some critical spots that affect the residential areas. Everything is up to the structure of the road and the spreading speed of the sound waves.

Generally, the color of the noise barriers is green which is the color of nature. But, as the Hatko Sound Barrier, we manufacture different colors of panels that have more harmony in the places they are installed. Also, we can place the logo or emblem of the company or city if the customer desires.

Today, we produce our top-quality noise and sound barrier panels all around Turkey. Also, export our products to more than 50 countries. The production of these panels is hard. So there are only a few companies that have proper facilities to manufacture them. As Hatko Company, we are a leader in this sector with our highly improved facilities. With our high technology production, we present our customers with high-quality-cost-efficient noise and sound barrier panels.

If you want to learn more about sound and noise barriers, their features, and how to supply them, you can check our website and contact us for more detailed information.

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