How to Reduce Road Noise in the House?

How to reduce road noise in the house?

Road noise or roadway noise is the accumulation of sound energy that comes from motor vehicles on the road. The sources of this noise can be;

  • Road surface,
  • Engine and transmission,
  • Tires,
  • Aerodynamic of the vehicle,
  • Or the braking components.

But the biggest creator of the noise is the tires that rolling on the asphalt or concrete surface. Also, the noise level increase as the speed gets higher.

Road noise, or the general problem it causes which is called noise pollution, is an important issue that affects people’s life. As scientific researches revealed that noise has both psychological and physical harms not only to humans but also to animals and plants. So, is it possible to deal with this? The answer is yes. City managements or governments place or put regulations about placing noise and sound barriers around roads. These barriers are modern, aesthetic, and exact solutions to the noise problem.

As the Hatko Soundbarrier Company, we produce top-quality noise barriers for many years. Most of the management prefer these barriers in order to deal with noise pollution. But noise barriers are big decisions that you can’t take by yourself. So, is there some other individual solutions to noise? The answer is again yes. In this article, we prepared some useful tips about avoiding noise by using our years of experience. Here are some precautions that you can take by yourself.

Reducing Road Noise Inside Home

Reducing Road Noise Inside Home

Noise is something that we want to stay away from. This is the main function that noise barriers do, keeping noise away from cities by enclosing it. In order to protect your house from noise, you should do the same thing. The only way to block sound waves is insulation. In order to have successful insulation, you should make some modifications to the windows and walls.

Today, the windows of most modern structures have sound isolation on both sides. And this can block most of the noise. If you have an older building, you can replace the windows with new ones. This will help you to increase %60 to %90 of the noise.

But the windows are not enough. You should also have some modifications to the walls. A quality sound insulation will prevent sound waves from passing through the walls. But we should admit that this process costs much. Because it is very hard to make insulation for the whole building.

On the other hand, there is a cheaper solution. There are some insulation panels that you can place from the inside. They are easy to install, and most of the time they are attached to the door directly with adhesives. And these panels can reduce the sound up to %90. If you can manage this insulation, you will keep the unwanted noise outside and reduce the road noise.

How to Deal with Noise on Highways

How to Deal with Noise on Highways?

With small applications or modifications, you can prevent noise. But it is better to restrain noise where it is born is a better solution. And this is possible only with the noise barriers. Of course, this is not an individual process. City management can decide about installing noise barriers.

As we mentioned before, highway soundproof walls are designed to keep and block noise inside the highway. It is possible to reduce road noise levels up to %90 with the help of these barriers. In this way, you can both get rid of the noise and have good landscaping.

On the other hand, noise and sound barriers are not only used on highways. It is also possible to use them at railroads, airports, and big industrial facilities. These are the other important sources of noise pollution and installing noise barriers to these places will make our cities quieter.

Why Hatko Sound Barrier

Why Choose Hatko Sound Barrier?

There are countless reasons to prefer Hatko Company for noise and sound barriers. Because we are one of the most preferred companies in the world and we export our products to more than 70 countries. We are proud to provide %100 customer satisfaction. We manufacture the best quality products at reasonable prices. And also, we keep supporting our customers with after-sale service.

We can also privatize our products. According to customer demands, we can produce them in every color. Also, we can place a special company or institutional logo on the product.

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