The Importance of Noise Barriers in City Life

The importance of noise barriers in city life.

The noise barriers are an important key in modern city life. Especially the residences near the highways suffer a lot from noise pollution which can only be prevented with noise barriers. So, to protect people from noise pollution and aesthetic view, highways and busy traffic roads should be surrounded by noise barriers.

Noise barriers are important not only on highways but also on train roads, subways, trolleys, and other types of roads. Because all the sounds from these spread to the whole city. Noise pollution affects not only humans but also animals and other living forms. Noise pollution creates stress which has serious psychological effects on every living individual. The effects of the importance of noise barriers are visible in modern people’s physical and mental health.

How to Prevent Traffic Noise

How to Prevent Traffic Noise?

The only solution to block the sound of heavy traffic is to use noise barriers. As the Hatko Sound Barrier company, we manufacture high-quality sound barriers that are durable against outer effects like rain, snow, or thunderstorms. Our products which can insulate noise up to 40 dB are manufactured from recyclable and environment-friendly materials. So, the traffic noise which is between 35-39 dB can’t pass over our barriers.

At Hatko Company, we provide the best solution with our durable and long-lasting products to sound insulation, road safety, and strength. We place our barriers on both sides at the one-way roads that keep the noise inside. For two-way roads, we construct the barriers to the sides and middle of the roads that keep the noise on their sides. So the noise doesn’t affect the vehicles on the other side of the road.

This solution completely blocks the noise of the traffic. We have also different types of products in our portfolio that can increase the noise blocking level of dB or with different colors or different styles according to the aesthetic view.

Are Noise Barriers Mandatory

Are Noise Barriers Mandatory?

This is a question that we mostly hear about if the noise barriers are mandatory or not. The regulations and legislative issues vary according to country. For example, the use of the noise barrier is not mandatory in Turkey, but it is in Germany. But, even some countries don’t make it compulsory to use the noise barrier, it is an important issue for the sake of people’s health.

In the past decades, people’s health care gain big importance. So governments or administrations are making different laws, regulations, or decisions to protect their citizens’ lives. As noise pollution is a threat to people’s lives and vehicle traffic is a major source of it, the use of noise barriers healthcare issue. So some regulations or laws that make them mandatory may be put in order in the future.

On the other hand, a noisy neighbor or noisy behavior in public transportation is so disturbing that you can complain or use some legal rights against them. It is also an ethical or traditional rule to respect other people’s life. So, it is the leaders’ duty to respect their citizens’ life and put some rules to diminish the noise.

The Advantages of the Noise Barrier

What are the Advantages of Noise Barriers?

The noise barrier has so many advantages. It may have a cost in the beginning but in the long term, its benefits fulfill that investment. We will talk about 8 advantages of noise barriers.

Insulation Performance

Our Hatko Sound Barrier product has EN 13288, EN 1793, EN 1794, EN14389, EN 16272 ve TUV quality certificates. Our products are B4 Noise Reduction Class. B4 is the best noise insulation performance class that can diminish noises up to 40 dB. Our products have the highest-quality noise reduction performance.

All Kinds of Vehicles

Hatko Sound Barrier products are suitable for any kind of use. We manufacture products for motor vehicles, trains at highways, or railways. The barriers block all the vehicle noises.

Easy Installation

We manufacture our products as panels which ready to use. Hatko Sound Barrier panels can transport to the assembly area and mount as a whole. There is not much extra labor that makes our barrier installed so easy and fast.

Reasonable Price

The price of the Hatko Sound Barrier is so reasonable and profitable in the long-term. We provide all of our raw materials inside Turkey, which gives us an advantage of our prices don’t get affected by foreign exchange rates.

Durability Against Impacts

Hatko Sound Barrier is a product that durable against the high-pressure. It can resist any kind of impact or crashes that they don’t easily crack or break. They are suitable for subway constructions with the ability to carry heavy loads.

Maintenance Cost

Hatko Sound Barrier needs almost no maintenance which makes the cost zero. When compared to the other noise barriers, Hatko is advantageous because of not having rust, corrosion, rot, or softening.

Durability Against Weather Conditions

Our products are completely durable against all kinds of weather conditions. From the North Pole to the South Pole, desserts to the rain forests, you can use our products wherever you wish.

Fire Resistance

Our noise barrier is manufactured from non-flammable materials that make it highly resistant to fire. In case of fire, our products don’t get fire. Even if it gets fire from possible petroleum products, the material doesn’t transmit any kind of toxicity to the atmosphere.

Where can we Use Noise Barriers

Where can we Use Noise Barriers?

As we mentioned before, noise barriers are used on highways and railways. Other than these, they are also preferred around airports and industrial facilities. The noise around the airports are higher than the highways so different kind of barriers are used in these places. But, with the appropriate materials, the noise can be reduced up to 90%.

On the other hand, some industrial facilities and factories are making higher noise because of some machines used there. Especially, power generators make so much noise. Appropriate sound barriers are very useful also at these facilities.

Here we can understand the benefits and the importance of the noise barriers. By blocking the noise pollution away from our homes, our lives become healthier and more relaxed. As Hatko Sound Barrier Company, we are ready to help and assist you.

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