What are the Types of Environmental Pollution?

What are the Types of Environmental Pollution?

The universe we are in offers us a lot of beauty. Everything, including fresh air, clean water, and a visual feast of nature, are the beauties the universe offers us. However, the damages we cause to the world, which are presented to us as immaculate, are quite high.

In short, we can call these damages environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is the name given to all factors that are directly or indirectly created by humans, harm the environment and nature, and in short, endanger the life of all living things.

The damages people cause to nature and the environment occur in different ways. So there are kinds of environmental pollution. These;

  1. Air pollution
  2. Soil pollution
  3. Water pollution
  4. Image pollution
  5. Light pollution
  6. Noise pollution

This is how we can classify basic types of pollution. How do we create these impurities? How do people harm the environment? As Hatko Sound Barrier; we will examine all of them in detail.

Air pollution

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As we all know, it is the environment in which oxygen is used to help us survive in the atmosphere. We humans reduce the quality of the oxygen we breathe by using many harmful substances that cause air pollution. We prepare our end by polluting clean air.

Many reasons cause air pollution. These;

  • Factory chimneys
  • Thermal power plants
  • Vehicle exhaust fumes
  • Perfume / Deodorant

These factors, which do not occur on their own, which are artificial and harmful, and that cause harmful gases to spread around us, are among the main causes of air pollution.

All the factors you see above are pollution created by people and reflecting the harm that people cause to the environment.

With the increase in air pollution, diseases occur and people have to cope with different health problems. It causes breathing diseases such as acute bronchitis and cough, especially air pollution. People are preparing their end in this way.

The formation of air pollution causes the ozone layer to perforate and even climate changes occur as a result.

  • That’s why we need to produce recyclable, sustainable products.

Soil Pollution

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Soil pollution is a type of pollution that we need to be very careful about. Because many of the nutrients we consume are grown in the soil and with the pollution of the soil, this pollution penetrates the nutrients.

Especially acidic waters, factory wastes, and plastic wastes entering the soil cause the balance of nature to deteriorate. One of the biggest factors causing soil pollution is wastewater.

Therefore, garbage should be separated and contaminated water should be prevented from mixing into the soil. Waste facilities should be established and the environment and nature should be cleaned from unnecessary waste.

There are many points to be considered at this point. The most important thing is to prevent the use of soil and forests other than their intended purpose. For this, we should attach importance to afforestation works and keep the forests clean. At this point, the level of soil pollution should be determined by the authorized people and results-oriented studies should be conducted.

Water pollution

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Water pollution is a highly advanced type of pollution created by humans. The most important reason for this pollution to occur is the unconsciousness of people. You see the biggest example of this when you go to the sea. How dirty is the seawater and how much waste is there on the sea? This is a completely human-created situation.

For example, waste of factory waste into the sea, chemical drugs, thermal power plants, and many other human-created pollutions mixes with water and pollutes the water. These wastes, which cause damage to living and inanimate assets, should be prevented from spilling into the sea and measures should be taken at this point.

Image Pollution

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Image pollution is one of the most pollution types that we encounter today. Of course, people are the reason for the visual pollution that occurs in big cities. Many factors such as cutting trees, building skyscrapers, building the smallest land, not cleaning the garbage, and skew urbanization cause visual pollution.

Image pollution is a factor that negatively affects our visual taste. Nowadays, people living in big cities always want to go to small cities, provinces with abundant trees and greenery. Because now people are bored with the appearance of concrete and tired of the chaos of cities.

At this point, authorized people should pay attention to afforestation works and focus on studies such as the prevention of urbanization. No random studies should be conducted in the cities and the results of each study should be considered several times.

Light pollution

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Light pollution is a type of pollution that has increased in recent years. So, Light pollution occurs in areas that occur especially in large cities and is exposed to harm our eyes. Parks, stadiums, buildings, entertainment centers… Everywhere wants to attract attention by using more light. As a result, light pollution occurs. This situation causes many people’s eyes and headaches.

Besides, as a result of light pollution, the natural color of the sky changes and this is the biggest damage to the environment.

Noise pollution

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As you know, the most known pollution among environmental pollution types is noise pollution. We are now exposed to noise pollution in all areas and we know that this has many bad side effects. Noise is the name given to the tone that is above normal volume and disturbs us when we hear it. Vehicle sounds, factory sounds are among the main causes of noise pollution.

There is, of course, a solution to noise pollution created by human beings. As Hatko Sound Barriers, we are proud to provide this service to you. These systems, called noise barriers, are a very nice solution especially to prevent vehicle sounds, factory-emitted sounds, and disturbing noises emitted by construction equipment.

Noise barriers are environmentally friendly, visually beautiful, recyclable systems.

As Hatko, we are proud to present this system to you. We do not want noise pollution to harm people and the environment. Living with environmentally sensitive noise barriers that do not harm the ecosystem is a very nice solution.

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