What is an acoustic fence?

What is an acoustic fence?

Noise is a factor that affects many people negatively in city life. Today, children are particularly affected by noise. Adults may become accustomed to noise after some time, but children are exposed to the harmful effects of noise before they are born. If the child is exposed to noise while in the womb, she may face difficulties such as learning difficulties, lack of concentration, and poor scores on exams. People who want to examine in detail the effects of noise on children can review the World Health Organization website in detail. Today we will tell you about the harmful effects of noise on children and how we can protect them from this difficulty. Noise is a preventable problem today. The acoustic fence is manufactured to prevent this.

At Hatko Company, we are building noise barriers in any area facing noise today. Especially in highway edges are the areas where the most complaints are taken about the noise. The cars passing by the motorways continuously press the horn and add another one to the already existing sound of the car. In such cases, the sound becomes noise and damages people both physically and psychologically.

The noise only emitted from the highway is not a problem. So the traffic is not the only cause of the noise. The construction process is also one of the main causes of noise. Especially the sound and broken concrete produced by earthmoving vehicles are enough to disturb many people. There are two things that can be done at this point.

How is the Construction of Noise Barriers

The first is that the construction process continues day and night. Because people who are tired from work will want to rest at night to sleep. The second solution is an acoustic fence. Sound Barriers are built around the noise source to prevent the noise from spreading to the environment. Our company Hatko, which produces very good solutions with proper work, helps you to lead an easier life in the city.

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For example, there is a company on the side of the highway. The staff working in this company are very uncomfortable. With the noise coming from outside and cannot concentrate on their work. At this point, sound barriers come into play. Thanks to the sound barriers on the side of the motorway, the staff in the company will not be disturbed by noise. And will be able to focus on their work. This will increase the productivity of the personnel. Highway Noise Barriers are a very useful and beautiful solution from any angle.

The use of Highway Noise Barriers in the world is increasing day by day. Because the noise in the world is constantly increasing. As the number of vehicles in the world increases with each passing day, the voices that disturb people are also increasing. Therefore, noise barriers should be produced so that people can find peace.

How does acoustic fencing work?

These acoustic fences, which are used to prevent the spread of complex tones, are becoming increasingly common today. When soundproofing, materials that are especially soundproof and provide less noise transmission should be used. The use of these sound barriers protects you from noise damages in environments with a lot of noise. You can work more peacefully in your workplace thanks to these barriers that prevent sound transmission. With noise absorption barriers, you can get rid of the harmful effects of noise by isolating unwanted sounds in buildings, such as schools, residences, and offices. It is so useful for many areas.

The best thing about noise reduction fence panels is that they do not cause any harm to the environment. Because noise barriers are made from recyclable materials and there are no chemicals that can harm the environment. On the contrary, it is produced to have a beautiful appearance in nature.

In recent years, the demand for sound walls has increased considerably. Along with this increasing demand, some changes have been made in the design of sound barriers. As Hatko Sound Barriers we use artificial turf in our products and bring our products to a very nice level visually. The aim is not only to produce a product but to what extent we meet the needs of people. We both end the difficult struggle of people with noise and offer a very nice product visually. Thanks to the noise barrier wall produced using the peaceful tones of green, you have a high chance of seeing green in many areas of the city.

Properties of the Sound Barriers

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  • Acrylic sound protection is available in full color as well as a transparent sound insulation system.
  • Transparent sound protection places itself well without crossing optical boundaries through sound protection walls.
  • At the same time, noise barriers are covered with artificial turf and give an aesthetic appearance.
  • Sound barrier walls covered with artificial turf provide a natural look to the environment and provide people with a life intertwined with nature.
  • This noise protection system is supported by accessories for noise protection walls for easy cleaning of the acoustic fence.

As Hatko Sound Barriers, we serve you 24/7. Learn the right noise control system for your psychological and physical health. Our team of noise and environmental experts will help you plan your sound insulation measure. We offer our products to your service by making more efforts to meet your wishes and thoughts and using the latest technology. In addition to simple, cost-effective order processing, we do our best to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

You can contact us for sound protection along roads and rails, sound protection on bridges and open spaces, sound protection around residential and industrial sites, and similar solutions. We offer a solution for every region with a product range that meets the highest demands in terms of shape and function. For more information, please visit our website and contact us. Since Hatko Sound Barriers are manufactured using the latest technology, they are very robust and durable. It can be used with peace of mind for long years on the roadsides or in the desired places. For more information, please contact us.

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